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The Electric Cinema Club at the Imperial Cinema (191 Portobello Road) has been formed to show late-night (11pm) films which are not available on commercial circuits; current films which can’t get certificates from the powers-that-be; older classics worth a resurrection; low-budget amateur and professional films which can’t get screenings anywhere except at the over-burdened Arts Lab.

And soon….mixed media shows - films, lights, sounds.


We are also formed to provide a much needed fund-raising organisation for the underground. All profits will go to alternative society scenes, and to organisations who get bread to non-local revolutions.

We’ll try and show programmes which have a link with the aims of the organisation which will be benefitting from the evenings profits.


We hope you’ll support us for your own entertainment and/or expanded awareness, in the knowledge that your bread will go back into your community.


BIT (229 8219) or the Imperial Cinema (727 4992) will know our programmes - we’ll have advance programmes printed in IT as soon as we have advance programmes!  


Membership applications (2/6 annually) are at the Imperial.


Arts Lab, Middle Earth, Country Club, and Film Makers Co-Op membership is OK.


Admission is 5/- - please come.


John, Roger, Deanne.

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