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Tell us about your memories and experiences of the Electric Cinema.


A project set up and run by educational charity digital-works, BFI sponsored, and completed in 2022.

Interviews with a broad cross section of projectionists talking about the end of celluloid projection and the impact of digital.

Fascinating stories and insights, featuring two ex-Electrics ~ Peter Howden and Pete Bell.

Worth a listen.

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We've been busy during lockdown...illuminating a dark gap in the initial history of the Club.

We managed to track down John McWilliams, one of the original three founders of the club back in 1968.

He agreed to reminisce with us in the current Electric, plugging our gap in The True Story of the Electric Cinema Club.

Along with contributions from Peter Howden [the legendary programmer], John Mister [member no. 4] and other former staff, Georges has now edited it together with his usual flair.

A prequel, you might say. Just a click away real soon!


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We'd love to hear your thoughts and memories about The Electric Cinema. So post your comments below and share your experiences.

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